It’s amazing offer that exists today in photoresists, great news for all those who are normal photoresists are cortitos, and we care professionals in promoting the health of the skin. The sun is an essential source of energy, with multiple benefits, but we must not forget the negative consequences of exposure to solar radiation (burns, sun allergies, premature aging, age spots).


Faced with this incredible offer which to choose? They are all the same photoprotective?
You must choose a sunscreen of quality that suits your skin type and your needs.

Now if fulfilling these three characteristics, which we counter, there is a sunscreen that gives you more, and is justified by scientific studies, or textures that are going to get more and better application, rather than better right?

Today all photoprotective meet basic standards of photoprotection against UVA and UVB radiation, but there photoresist that we provide extra qualities.
Advances in understanding the effects of radiation of light, has led to discover new players in sun damage. In addition to the known ultraviolet UVA and UVB (causing wrinkles, blemishes, burns and eventually skin cancer) is infrared radiation (related to photo-aging and loss of firmness) and visible (skin pigmentation and photoaging) . That is why in recent years have burst onto the market with photoresists wider coverage:
Greater protection against the spectrum not only against UVA, UVB, radiation but also against infrared and visible radiation, very interesting for people who want a more advanced sun protection system.

And always remember:

You can have the best sunscreen in the world but if you do not use it correctly (apply the recommended amount of stretching forth adequate and evenly, you repeat the application if exposure is prolonged), you will not get anything from him.
We have already joined the selection of solar light stabilizers Pharmacy Yanguela that I have liked and was pleasantly surprised.

Ask us and stay with the one that best suits you !!