Every time we care more to keep cellulite at bay, we have more knowledge and more effective cosmetic products to treat this “hiccup” which reached the good weather becomes for many women in “big problem”.

Cellulite corresponds to an increased activity of adipose tissue, increased water retention, fat and toxins associated with worsening of blood circulation. This results in alteration of the subcutaneous connective tissue whiccelulitis3h results in the appearance of cellulite nodules, also known as “orange peel”.
Women are the great sufridoras this drawback, against just 10% of men who have cellulite are the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and / or arms 90% of women.
Several factors favor the appearance of cellulite and its severity: hereditary factors (impossible to change), hormonal (pregnancy, menopause, hormone therapy, contraception), related to lifestyle (diet, physical activity, snuff, alcohol) and psychological (stress and anxiety).

Today we deal with the non-pathological cellulite, one that does not compromise the health and quality of life of the sufferer, trying to do my bit to improve the results obtained with topical products applied.


Here comes the best advice: “The key word is recorded and the results are directly proportional to the dedication invested in treatment.”



Anti-cellulite and firming treatments should be applied daily for at least 3 months to get the expected results seizing the moment immediately after the shower. We improve its absorption if we use a scrub in the shower in the area to be treated well after the shower the pores are dilated and cosmetic penetrates easily used with a gentle massage. The massage should always be based on circular movements, upward trend to promote venous return and blood circulation thereby.
To the questions, what is the best time to apply an anti-cellulite treatment ?, morning or night … I’ll answer more questions: When do you prefer ?, What routine aplicártelo best fits your everyday ?. Because that is the best. So we find a more appropriate formula in the morning (that which supports their effectiveness with movement and is rapidly absorbed) or at night (patch effect, able to release its active during sleep hours seizing the moment of increased cell renewal).

Aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling and running activate the metabolism, promote blood circulation and improve muscle tone; all advantages to boost the effectiveness of our anti-cellulite treatment. In addition, a balanced diet rich in foods that favor the elimination of liquids is necessary, avoid constipation and improve circulatory problems; providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential metabolic reactions in our body.
And do not forget to drink water bottle to the bag, it can be our great ally.