The dandruff is the formation of dead cells that form in big blocks and are seen like leather crusts formed in the scalp.
We do not see that the cells of the skin of the healthy scalp are renewed in a natural way and are eliminated in the brushing and washes in forms of invisible and tiny scales. But yes that we see these scales called dandruff, which is the formation of these cells dead of the scalp that are forming with a rhythm more assiduous than the habitual one for a fast cellular renewal, since they die and approximately every two weeks are replaced, nevertheless, in a person without slow dandruff about one month.
It is a very frequent complaint both in adults and in children, independently of the race or age. It is very uncomfortable since it generates redness, itch and descamación, being its most common denomination that of dermatitis seborreica capillary. It neither is contagious it nor is provoked for lack of hygiene.
It is advisable to avoid to scratch excessively, since to scratch up to breaking the skin can increase the risk of infections and alopecia provoked by complaints to the skin.

The dandruff appears in two forms:

  • The greasy dandruff, dermatitis seborreica or the state seborreico severe: It appears when there form in the scalp flakes or yellowish scales that adhere to its head and hair.
  • The dandruff dries or the states seborreicos light: It appears when there form flakes or dry, white and free scales on the scalp and get rid of its head and hair.

Between its other symptoms they emphasize the itch, the reddening and the greasy or dry scalp.

The areas of the body where it can appear seborrhea is in eyebrows, eyelashes, ears, crease of the nose, back of the neck, armpits, bellybutton and groin. If they are accompanied by the scales formation they should talk each other for a dermatologist.

In exceptional cases, the dandruff can bear the fall of the hair if it does not talk each other. Nevertheless, all the hair that have got lost as a consequence of the dandruff will grow with normality as soon as the complaint talks each other.

The dandruff


The dandruff is provoked by a yeast (mushroom) microscopic called Malassezia that when it proliferates (it is reproduced), provokes an inflammation in the scalp and this results in a scales excess.

When the mushroom Malassezia grows too rapidly, the natural renewal of the cells turns out to be affected and irritates the scalp and the itch appears. Other fungi can redeem similar roles in the cause of the dandruff, as certain bacteria.
This one mushroom meets in the surface of the skin so much of the persons dandruff as in that not. Its technical name is pitriasis, since there are always present in her the spores (reproductive cell produced by certain fungi, plants and some bacteria) of Pitirosporum ovale this mushroom is capable of metabolizing the human fat (tallow).

The light dandruff can be caused by oil glands sobrereactivas. Factors that can favor the Malassezia proliferation:

  • genetic and immune Factors
  • tallow Excess
  • Excess weight
  • hormonal Changes
  • Stress, hyperactivity and fatigue
  • Life style (bad feeding, tobacco …)
  • climatic Conditions (the sun, cold, wind, heat)
  • Products for the hair (inadequate shampoo, dyes for the hair, aerosols, fixers, hairdryer …)
  • to Interrupt sudden the treatment antidandruff.