We are already counting the days until summer arrives! school is over, come the summer holidays our children and with them long days of pool, beach, mountain, colognes … touches protect our children from the sun!
We must always remember that we have an obligation to protect the skin of our children always, throughout the year, but with more emphasis now in summer, when they are more exposed and do more outdoor activities, to prevent them from getting skin cancer in middle age we already have to remember that the effects of sunlight on the skin have a memory, that is, day by day accumulate in the skin and can lead over time to premature skin aging or more serious injuries, allergies , cancer, spots …
From Pharmacy Yanguela we can help you choose the best sunscreen is especially suitable to protect the fragile and clear skin of children as well as for those who have intolerances to the sun and to ensure optimal protection against extreme sun exposure, protecting the younger skin from UVA / UVB rays.