Many of us take one or several cups of coffee by the day and to a lot few people does not like them, but Know really what take?

The caffeine in moderation wakes up the neurons, this substance, which is his component majority of the coffee penetrates easily in all the cells and favours the transmission of the nervous impulses between the neurons, thus it acts as a stimulating of the central nervous system. Help to reduce the feeling of tired, counterbalances the muscular fatigue, increases the alarm and favours the concentration. Also it is effective to relieve the migraines because it favours the constriction or narrowing of the blood glasses to cranial level, and increases the effects of some analgesics. Also it has a slight effect diuretic and stimulates the metabolism of the greases. To enjoy all the profits of the caffeine, his consumption has to be moderated, not surpassing the three daily cups, because if it takes to excess can produce agitation, tachycardia and gastric acidity.


His consumption is contraindicated in people with annoyances estomacals, since it increases the secrecy of acid estomacal, in case of hypertension and of cardiac illness, is better to opt for the version decaffeinated, whenever the doctor authorise it, and the pregnant have to drink it with a lot of moderation.

The coffee contains a high content in compounds with antioxidant capacity (polyphenols), one of the antioxidant groups more numerous, of between all the coffees, the green is what possesses greater quantity of these antioxidants.

The cafeto is the plant of which obtains the coffee, is a perennial bush. His fruits of green colour, go back brown in toasting them. How more toast darker put and stronger is his flavour.

If only it uses in an only source of heat, obtains the coffee toasted or natural; if during the process adds sugar caramelize and wraps the big and obtains the coffee roasted, with more body and a colour and flavour more intense.