In the Christmas holidays we always pass in the quantity of meals and in the nutritional contribution of them. It is normal that it happens, there are days of meals and/or desserts that only we consume in these dates and there are days of celebrating with the family. In Christmas 85 % of the Spanish we skip the diet and of average we put on weight between 2 and 5 kilos due to the excesses and to small exercise. It is clear that it isn’t equal of easy to lose 1 kilo that 3 …

It isn’t easy to control itself when we are going to do the buy or see so much meal in the table, but we can eat the same things with a little more of moderation and maintain a balance between the holiday and those who it aren’t this way not to rise so much of weight.

It is anticipated that in 24 hours between Christmas night and Christmas a person consumes from average up to 6.000 calories. Four times more of the normal thing!

Next a few advices to be able to manage correctly the excesses in Christmas:
• To consume Christmas sweets from December 20:

To buy in his measured joust, costs more to go buying them little by little that all suddenly.

In these days of so many excesses it is preferable to eat sweets without sugar.

To avoid the excess of these fats.
• Opposite to the big events don’t accumulate famine:

If before a big meal you haven’t consumed anything in the previous hours you will come with famine and will eat in excess.
• To do the aperitif 20 or 30 minutes before eating:

If possible as healthy as possible like a few cockles, mussels to the vinaigrette, attacked scampi …

To avoid the brave potatoes (frying), squids to the Roman, torreznos …
• Although you are on holiday or very busy it realizes five meals a day:

For the half morning or the snack you can eat fruit or a skimmed yogurt. Sweets not since we will be spending of the suitable quantity these days to ourselves.
• It tries to do the meals at the same hours as you every day.
• The body doesn’t know about holidays and keeps on maintaining the habitual biorhythms that we must respect and for which the food excess in the evening and the night it isn’t advisable at all, since the digestions are slower and the food will bring us more fats.
• To avoid copious meals as the fried food:

To choose for the roast, cooked meal or to the steam.
• To take alcoholic beverages in his measured joust:

If we pass of quantities we will be passing also in calories.

The same happens with the gaseous drinks.

The best thing and healthier is to drink water in the meals.
• To avoid sauces and even more if they are of boat:

Don’t pass doing or eating sauces.

In case the meal could be more pleasant with sauce her do at home that will have less salt and less caloric contribution.
• To go in for sport:

if you are in family and it gives you indolence to go to the alone gymnasium remembers that you can do it in familiar plan, even that is to go out to gait, Christmas exits for the city (some cultural and familiar plan there will be in your village or city), to go out to play with the children the street or many other plans than after you not to have left at home seated in the couch watching TV all the holidays.

We wait for photos of your Christmas menus and holidays in family under the hashtag #farmaciayanguela