Now that it comes the good time and loves us take the sun, give you some councils that will help you to take care the skin and know that solar protector is the most suitable for you.

– Avoid the solar exhibition between the 12h and the 16h.
– Cover with clothes of cotton, hat and spectacles of alone.
– Apply solar protector to the delicate zones: ears, lips, neck, calba…
– Avoid expose directly to the sun bebès lesser of a year.
– Rich diet in fruits and vegetables and moderate the consumption of meat.
– Drink between 1,5 and 2 litres of water by the day.

Already you choose well yours fotoprotector?
Them fotoprotectores do not cancel totally the effects of the ultraviolet radiation but that provide an increase of the time of tolerància to the sun. It fotoprotector has to apply 30 minutes before the solar exhibition. After each bath or each 2 hours have to renew the application, even although it was “water resistant”. Them pigues have to protect the same that the rest of the skin, neither more neither less. No to use a high solar protection will not put us bruns. Not to leave deceive for the days ennuvolats, since we follow receiving ultraviolet radiation of the sun, thus we have to protect us also in these days.

Differences between rays UVA and rays UVB
– Rays UVA: Cause a more negative impact on the skin to average or long term, since they penetrate deeply in the layers of the skin. They cause wrinkles, resequedad and stains.
– Rays UVB: they Cause immediate impact on the skin, for example burned.

Also we have them nutricosméticos solar that are complements alimentary which help us to protect us the skin of the sun since the interior. They are compound for vitamin C, And, betacaroteno and selenium. These help us to reach the deepest layers of the skin, to the zones to which the creams that use daily can not, because you do it from the inside.

They help to keep the tan during more time, to bronze faster and besides the colour will be more golden and luminous. They have to take at least with 15 days of antelació but although already have begun to take the sun, will notice the difference to the few weeks. They sell without recipe in pharmacies, parafarmàcies or herbolarios, although, how everything, is convenient to consult to the doctor before taking them, because for example, does not recommend the consumption to pregnant women, in period of lactància or people that are realising any type of diet. Them complements nutricionals for the sun do not substitute the solar cream.