It tila is a plant, extracted of the lindens or tree of it tila. His use does with the fruit in shape of flower.
The infusion of tila or also shouted linden is one of the most popular that exist at the time of trying calm the nerves and diminish states of anxiety.
It is very used in infusion for the fact to count with a big quantity of medicinal properties, although his effects depend of the person that consummates it.


The main functions of this infusion relate with profits relaxants.


These are the cases in which can result you a lot beneficial.

  • Sleeplessness and others disorders of the dream: It tila is a hypnotic plant, produces this known effect sedative and inductor of the dream. It is recommended to take a cup before sleeping because it will help you to take the sleep and, in the case that have a lot of anxiety.
  • Cough: it Is antitussive, due to the fact that it calms the respiratory mucous when have #cough.
  • Asthma: Due to the fact that the the flower of tila is antispasmodic, has an effect relaxing on the bronchial smooth muscle.
  • Headache: In being relaxing also is a good natural remedy for them cefalees caused by tensions and contractures. It tila is a good analgesic. Can consume some 2 daily cups.
  • Nerves and anxiety: The can sedative of it tila has turned him into one of the most popular remedies to calm the nerves and achieve relax you in moments of anxiety. Take every day 2 or 3 cups of tila having lunched and dinner.
  • Pain stomach: On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the property antispasmodic of it tila that it helps to relax the muscles of the internal organs. Of this shape, can take tila having lunched in case of indigestion, colics, gastric ulcers, pains for spasms, etc.
  • Relieve the colics menstrual: Treat the irregularities of the menstruation. To relieve the colics will be able to take two cups every day after fromjune.
  • Relieve the rheumatism: it Prevents the inflammations and, for this reason, is ideal against the rheumatism. To achieve this effect will need to take 2 or 3 cups every day, one of them dejú and the other having lunched and dinner.
  • Diminish the acid uric: you Will need to take 2 or 3 cups every day, roughly twenty minutes after having eaten or dined. In addition to it tila, also will help to add more vegetal to your diet.
  • Diuretic: It tila is also one diuretic natural, that is to say, help to delete the excess liquids of the organism and avoid like this his accumulation. In addition to following a healthy diet and drink a lot of water daily, can combine it tila with any other of the best infusions for it retention of liquid.
  • Relieve the pain: If you have muscular pains and swell will be able to benefit you of the properties anti-inflammatory of it tila. For these cases can take 2 or 3 daily cups.
  • It does to bring better the colds: It tila help to sweat and to heal infections. They Will be very effective 2 daily cups, although neither can forget the profits to take 2 litres of water every day.
  • Properties diaphoretic: Because of his content in flavonoids, that act on the glands sweaty, increase it sweating. This can take advantage of for treatments of rheumatism, respiratory illnesses, etc. Demeanour that will delete toxins also through the sweat, and no only for the urine.

In addition to all these utilities, his properties sedatives can take advantage of into use external aggregating to the water of the bath one spoon of dry flowers and will help us to relax us.

Shape of administration:

The infusion does incorporating one cullerada of flowers in water boiling; it leaves rest five minutes and takes after colar-the.
Dose recommended:

Regarding the quantity recommended of tea of tila that you can consume by the day is of 2 grams of the plant for 150 ml of water, taking each 12 hours (twice a day), prepared in infusion of traditional way, from his leaves and flowers



His effects will vary in function of each person. There are people to which it tila puts them nervous, this has an explanation.
How any drink or aliment can generate a contrary effect depending of the person consumer of the same.
It can even to surpass the sleeplessness that generate the coffee and it Coca-glue, but no for scientific reasons how which precede to these two drinks, the caffeine, but sooner for a question of the nervous system.
For meaning and for the grasses with which achieves , it tila is thought to help to relax to the nervous system, reducing the anxiety, the panic and the cholera. Improve the control of it hypertension, agent of exaltation in many occasions, and any situation of stress.
Now yes, it is very important to measure the quantity recommended and therefore not to surpass it. And the same of indispensable is to know to which hour of the day suits to take it. Because just here go in at stake his dowries except skillful.
It recommends at most two infusions of tila by the day, trail for the night those that have a greater variety of grasses further of it tila or tisana.
His reason is that it can reach cancel to the person in his daily activity in causing an ebullient tired that it finish to turn into all the opposite: sleeplessness.

Also because we subject to the body to a daily dose of one relaxing muscular that, when dispense of his use, the body generates a contrary effect to the not having this personal assistant in his shape to control the nerves.
It tila is one of the infusions that more addiction creates for his important profits and if his intake is a lot assiduous, but generates dependency. This yes, any alarming and without serious contraindications.
Another of the causes that can bring to think that it tila puts nervous is because I do not allow the concentration (in some moments) or, directly, does not leave to sleep.


it does not recommend use as a remedy in people that have stomach aches or slight annoyances. This plant in containing a big dose of mucilages can stress considerably the problems stomachfuls. And, therefore, cause a tenuous general unrest that do that it actuate the nervous system.

Not consuming in case of:

  • Obstruction esofágica
  • Occlusion and intestinal obstruction
  • Ileum paralític
  • Stenoses of the digestive deal
  • Abdominal pain of unknown origin

Even so, it is necessary to highlight that it tila can generate contraindications to the people with problems of the heart, as well as neither recommends his consumption to pregnant, for the fault of studies that guarantee the security.
Has to avoid an excessive consumption.