Apart from these symptoms also exist a lot others related with:

  • Disorders gastrointestinal: Bowel irritable or hernia of hiatus.
  • Disorders Musculoskeletal: Syndrome of the tunnel carpiano.
  • Metabolic: Hypothyroidism.
  • Autonomic: Seasicknesses, vertigo, hypotension, etc.

These symptoms can cause that often it fibromyalgia confuse with it polimialgia rheumatic, a pathology that characterises for pain with functional impotence and rigidity. Nevertheless, unlike it fibromyalgia , it polimialgia rheumatic is an illness inflammatory that it produces alterations in the analyses of blood and has tests diagnoses and specific treatments.

To which owes this illness?

Although his causes are unknown and has not detected any organic alteration, the symptoms of the illness attribute for an alteration of determinate neurotransmitters of the nervous system. When it produces the disequilibrium of the neurotransmitters can produce a series of alterations that could explain the symptoms of the pathology. Like this, the pain generalised produces as a consequence of an alteration in the roads of modulation of the pain. For these causes, the pain generalised that express the majority of the patient, originates because in them there is an anomalous perception of the sensory stimuli and, therefore, interpret the pressure, the heat, the vibration or any one other stimulus as a painful.
With this the decrease of the substances that regulate the pain, especially the serotonin, producing one disorder in the perception, transmission and modulation of the painful stimulus, going down like this the threshold of perception of the same. In such a way, the mechanisms of regulation of the pain would remain altered in adding factors how the stress, tired and alterations of the dream.

Which prevention has?

Attended that only suspect the possible causes that originate the illness, in the actuality do not exist preventive measures to mitigate his apparition.
A person afflicted by fibromialgia takes for quite a while to receive a suitable diagnostic on the reason of all the symptoms that presents.
It is very common to go through all a circuit of doctors and specialists until a professional hits at last in the diagnostic. Something usual is, for example, speak of illnesses rheumatic or arthritic. Nevertheless, this illness has one dimensionality much wider.
In fact, the neurology already reveals us that we are no in front of an ailment rheumatic but to a problem of the sensory system and originated in the central nervous system.
Therefore, always it is worthwhile to be attentive to these symptoms, which, in
case to be persistent and to combine with other problems, will convince us of the need to
consult with a good specialist.


In the actuality does not have of a treatment that heal to 100% it fibromyalgia , nevertheless what look for the specialists is to relieve the symptoms and the adaptation of the patient by means of different special programs. The majority of times is used to recommend them anti-inflammatory and analgesics, in addition to the regulators of the dream and the therapies conductuals-cognitive. The aim of the treatment is to improve the pain, them spasms muscular, the quality of the dream, the fatigue and depression, like this do more bearable the day in day out of the person. On the treatment the medical professionals frequently have his own
preferences in this regard. The successful treatment of the FM can involve the combination of a variety of professionals of health (doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist…), the patients generally benefit of an approach to the treatment of the illness coordinated and in teams.

In the same way that the demonstrations of it fibromyalgia vary of patient to patient, like this also vary the shapes of treatment that succeed. What serves for a patient it could be the case that it do not serve for another…