In this occasion will speak you of it Fibromialgia, an illness something unknown but at present announcing due to the fact that they go having more cases and especially has to us sound more since some famous suffer it how for example the most spoken here in Spain is María’s the one José Campanar (Dona of the torero Jesus of Ubrique), these days also is announcing more the illness for the singer Lady Gaga, since it has had to suspend all his tour programmed by this year, but also suffer it other famous was of the Spanish territory how Robbie Williams (singer), Cher (singer), Morgan Freeman (actor) and how they many more famous and anonymous that struggle day in day out against this illness for life and “incurable”.

What is it fibromialgia?

It is an illness reumatológica that it characterises for the chronic pain generalised, cansament and feblesa, persistent during a greater period to three months, being able to extend for years. His etymology is unknown and can present to any age, giving in a 90% of the cases in women of average age, being able to ocasionar severe consequences in the state of health, functional capacity, emotional state, personal relations and living quality of those who suffer it.
The people that suffer it have pain and sensitivity in all the body, this pathology can manifest to any age, even that it is more relieving in average ages and in women, even that the men also can it suffer but are not so many the cases.
In 1992 the World Health Organisation, described the FM like an illness reumatológica, therefore the diagnostic has to be realised by one reumatólogo, who will determine the treatment to follow to relieve the pains ocasionats.
In the actuality, the FM is all a challenge for the science and the medicine, since the clinical picture and the symptoms that presents are very wide.

Whence it comes the name fibromialgia?

The name of fibromialgia derives of «fibro» = fibrous fabrics (such as a sinews and ligaments), «mios» = muscles, and «algia» = pain. Although it said fibrositosis for many years, now gives him the name of fibromialgia (FM).

How it detects ?

It is practically impossible to detect it in a clinical analysis or X-ray, in fact, all the symptomatology appears without that the doctors find any organic alteration that justify it. Besides it is used to accompany of trastorns of the dream and can associate to an anxious syndrome-depressiva.

Type of fibromialgia

It fibromialgia is not divided in type. The specialists have classified the pathology in type to adapt to each patient the treatment:

  • Type And: Patients without any concomitant illness.
  • Type II: Patients with illnesses reumáticas and autoinmunitarias.
  • Type III: Patients with grave alteration in the sphere psicopatológica.
  • Type IV: Patient simulators.

Degrees of afectació of it fibromialgia

Is important to evaluate the degree of afectació of it fibromialgia, since there is different degrees of functional estimation in Spain classified in:

    Degree And: Afectació vital slight: stairs of clinical estimation with inferior scores to 50% and without interference with the operation or the work.
  • Degree II: Afectació vital moderated: score between 50% and 75% and interference with the operation and the work (partial loss of activity) .
  • Degree III: Afectació vital grave: stairs of upper clinical estimation to 75% and marked interference with the operation and the work; impossibility to carry out the work, or
  • Situation off sick storm for illness.


The clinical demonstrations presented by the patients are:

  • Muscular pain: it Is the main symptom of the illness, alone be diffuse and inespecífic affecting different parts of the body.
  • Rigidity: it presents in muscles and articulations mainly in raising to the mornings or in remaining seated during long periods. It shouts him anquilosamiento.
  • Trastorns Of the dream: Difficulty to take the sleep or wake up among the night are frequent symptoms that besides bring as a consequence him esgotament for the low levels of energy.
  • Fatigue and cansament: they Appear in realising little effort or any, also ocasionats for the fault of dream.
  • Anxiety and depression: Both symptoms are present along all the illness, mainly for the limitations in his moment to day.
  • Intestinal problems: It fibromialgia tends to go of the hand of the intestinal syndrome of the colon irritable, driving to an inflammation of the digestive system, constipation and diarrhoea.
  • Sensitivity to the touch: it Can be produced by the most minimum frec, blue or blow, the feeling of which of pain perllonga more time that in a healthy person.
  • Environmental sensitivity: The exhibition to the smoke of the cigarette, strong noises, brilliant lights, chemical smells (cleansing, colonies, etc…) can worsen the sensitivity of the patient.
  • Chronic headache: Ocasionat for the rigidity of the muscles, expanding for the back, shoulders and neck.
  • Cognitive deterioration: Ocasionant that the person process the information with difficulty, loss by heart in the short term, little concentration or problems to express verbalment adequately. To these lapsus by heart shouts them “fibroneblina”.