Which better ally in the summer that a good blond, frothy and cold beer.

The beer is an alcoholic drink a lot common largely of the world, treats of a drink of natural origin prepared through the fermentation of the barley or other cereals. In bringing alcohol, has to drink of responsible shape. The degrees of alcohol of the beer are surroundings of the 5º, this means that for each liter of beer roughly 50 ml are of alcohol.

Are compound for more than 90% of water, so thanks to this component has an effect diuretic, besides is rich in potassium and low in sodium, which thing helps to clean the organism and prevent the retention of liquid. To his turn, thanks to his high content in magnesium and potassium, will help to prevent the formation of renal calculi or kidney stones.

The rest of his components are malt, that is the grain of barley germinated which gives him personality and character to the drink; the hops, a plant that gives him the aroma and characteristic bitterness of the product; and the yeast, that transforms the sugar of the most in alcohol.


Now we will see the numerous profits that contributes to the human organism:

  • The hops and the malt is a rich source in flavone that is a powerful antioxidant, which thing this does is to delay the cellular aging. Another peculiar characteristic of the hops is that it stimulates the appetite.
  • It is a good source of vitamin B12 and of acid Frothy. When these are missing us, can drive us to the anemia. The vitamin B12 is essential to keep a normal growth, good memory and concentration.
  • It is cardiosaludable, help of shape very positive to reduce the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, as well as to diminish the triglycerides, the cholesterol LDL (bad cholesterol), effect anticoagulant in the blood.
  • The minerals that contains how the silicon, magnesium or phosphorus are very beneficial, since they allow to diminish the risks of illnesses neurodegenerative and help to prevent illnesses of osseous character, since it increases the osseous density, preventing the risk of fractures and osteoporoses.
  • His responsible consumption help to bring better and reduce the symptoms of the menopause.
  • Increase the quantity of gastric acids and this serves to speed the casting of the stomach, reducing the risk to suffer an infection caused by the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, causer of the ulcer gastroduodenal.
  • It is the drink with a greater appearance of soluble fiber to our diet (17%), thus a consumption moderated avoids the constipation.
  • In the beer are present all the important vitamins of the group B and also contains vitamins To, D and And.


In big shots will speak you now of the beer without alcohol.

It is necessary to know that a beer “without alcohol” are all those the alcoholic graduation of which is lesser of 1% in volume of alcohol, this supposes that the beers without alcohol can legally contain alcohol.

The methods of obtaining of the beer “without” split of the general method of obtaining of the beer with alcohol and next separates the alcohol by means of several methods. In employing any one of these methods, no only deletes the alcohol of the beer, but that also lose some volatile compounds that contribute smell and flavor. That’s why the characteristics organoleptic of the beer without alcohol are different to the ones of the normal beer. Although we achieved reincorporate all and each of these volatile compounds, the characteristic of this product would follow being different to the of the original drink, since the ethanol that withdraw in the process, also contributes flavor and smell to the product.

I encourage you this summer to enjoy a good cold beer and of all his profits.