In this occasion want to speak you of the wonderful profits of the royal Jelly, one complement that it does not have to be missing in your diet.
It is one aliment extraordinarily rich in nutrients. Has multiple therapeutic applications and constitutes a big revitalizing for people of any age.

That it is the royal Jelly:

The royal jelly is a liquid substance manufactured by the own bee that serves as a aliment of the working larvae during the first days of his life and of the larvae reigns forever. But no any larva can take this substance, only those who proceed of the real cells or the own bee reigns. The working larvae, feeding three days of royal jelly, live thirty or forty days whereas the queens, that feed of royal jelly during all his life, can live until five years with big vitality and capacity of reproduction.
As extraordinary is his capacity to stimulate the growth that achieves that in three days the weight of a larva multiply for one thousand. Although many components still have not been analysed, these data are sufficiently developers and to comprise the important contribution of nutrients that supposes to take or apply in the skin royal jelly.

How it produces :

The royal jelly is produced by the working bees younger, The royal Jelly is a substance segregated for the glands hypopharyngeal of the head of young working bees (of between 5 and 15 living days) and that mixes with secretions stomachs.
Until us does not arrive in shape of too viscous as they produce it, but that can consume it already treated, in capsules, blisters or complements that they serve as a enriching of true aliments. The majority of them come reinforced with other components as a vitamins, ginseng, pollen or propoleo.

History of the royal jelly:

The history of the finding of the royal Jelly can date it in 1933, when a prize Nóbel German, the Dr. F. Bergius, was commissioned to do an analysis of the Jelly, finding it as complex that abandoned the research.
Later it wanted to test it he same and obtained like result a big dynamism and a species of return to his power sexual (were fifty years old).
In 1938, M. Boyer Of Belvefer realised a scientific and methodical study on the Jelly, for years administered it to dogs, pigs and cats, in an attempt of find out if it existed an effect placebo on the human. The result was that his animals of experimentation went back more vivacious and forceful regarding his no experimental companions. Also it wanted to test it in his family and in if same, achieving the same results.
But the popular knowledge of the Jelly began when the Pope Pío XII took during some days an extract of Jelly prescribed for the Dr. Galeazzi, producing him a fast effect
restaurador and fortalecedor. The news jumped immediately to the press and began to commercialise all over the world with a big success.


it Is apt for all the ages, so much boys as a elders can take advantage of us of his properties and enjoy a health of iron. Thanks to the variety of aliments enriched with royal Jelly and to the supplements of sale in pharmacies, herbalists and tend naturopaths, is very simple to take it.
If really we went conscious of the fantastic properties of the royal Jelly, would take it into account only how one complement vitamin to take in feeble periods, but that it would be an element more than our diet. Nevertheless, it misinformation, the difficulty to find variety of aliments/complements with her and, in occasions, his overhead price, brake us to do of the habit to take royal jelly a routine in our life.
Although slowly they go putting on the table some scientific studies that reveal which specific elements of the royal Jelly have therapeutic effects, the most certain reference that have to encourage us to consume it are the thousands of years of experience in which the mankind has used finger delicacy elaborated by these small and glorious insects and his many profits in the health.

Profits of the royal jelly:

  • Provide a big quantity of energy and improvement notably square them of fatigue.
  • Stimulate the nervous system.
  • Reinforce the system immune.
  • Increase it oxygenation of the brain.
  • Increase the numeral of red globules and leucocytes.
  • Antioxidant: Improve the state of the skin, his hydratation and elasticity, delaying the aging. Capacity to regenerate fabrics, this reflects inside and out.
  • Favour the nervous impulses in the brain thanks to the acetylcholine.
  • Help in numerous metabolic processes.
  • It contains protective substances of the liver.
  • Stimulate the fertility.
  • Stimulate the growth of the boys.
  • Increase the appetite.
  • It is antitumor.
  • Regulate the blood pressure.
  • It is detoxifying.
  • It is vasodilatadora, very beneficial for people with affections coronary.
  • Protect of the rays X and his effects.
  • Improve the activity of the suprarenal glands.
  • It is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Improve the system gastrointestinal.
  • It protects in front of illnesses autoimmune.