The royal Jelly, how have seen, is a very concentrated substance of nutrients and other elements that has to take with a lot of precaution in the dose. Now we go to review the contraindications of the royal Jelly.
It advises NOT taking royal Jelly in case of:

  • Allergy: Consume it in moderation and check before it tolerance with a very small dose diluted, until checking that it do not exist reaction to the head of some hours.
  • Addison’s illness (chronic insufficiency of the suprarenal glands).
  • Asthma
  • Migraine
  • Tachycardia
  • Hypertension
  • It is not recommended to consume it during long periods of time and in excessive quantities.

We have commented that the royal jelly is not dangerous, but has some contraindications that have to take into account:

  • Mournful
  • Hypertension
  • Tachycardia

These are some of the secondary effects that can present to take one posology upper to the indicated. These are mainly the contraindications of the royal Jelly.
In the case to be pregnant would not have to have problem, but all getting pregnant always has to consult with his doctor, especially if before had not taken this type of supplements.

Presentation of the royal jelly:

The supplements of royal jelly commercialise in different presentations.

Capsules of royal jelly:

The supplements in capsules of royal jelly contain pure royal jelly only or combined with other components how for example, ginseng or pollen. These components add so much his properties how his adverse effects and contraindications, thence that before opting for a supplement in particular, have to review for which is indicated.

Butllofes Of royal jelly:

Them butllofes of royal jelly for his band, are a presentation, that in some cases, is elaborated especially, for childish consumption, for the no only are easier to consume, but that can verify that they are apt for boys. Also, you will find butllofes of royal jelly reinforced with vitamins or even, with propolis. In these cases, also applies the commented for the supplements in capsules.
Consuming royal jelly in suitable quantities will avoid his contraindications and will obtain all his properties and profits, assistant to your organism to be healthy and power like this improve your living quality.

Use in cosmetic:

His presentation can be in facial tonic water, masks, serums or cream, being this last presentation the most used.
It has nutritious power, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibiotic and fungicide on the skin.
The main components of the royal jelly are the proteins, including all the amino acids that are essential for the human nutrition, sugars, mainly fructose and glucose, lipids, mineral and vitamin C.
The profits of the royal jelly in the expensive include the improvement of him appearance of the wrinkles and groove them, the increase of him elasticity and firmness, and the normalisation of them secrecions of grease of the glands.


Cool: In containers very full to avoid the presence of air, closed hermetically with cap of plastic (the metal is advised for the chemical reactions that could unchain), preserved cold (of 0º to 5ºC), without humidity and to the coat of the light. It can preserve like this during several months.
It can preserve mixed with honey, in a concentration of the 1-3%, to avoid the fermentation owed to the water that contributes the Jelly.


The royal Jelly with Ginseng is an alimentary supplement entirely natural, rich micro elements, nutrients, vitamins and mineral, since it combines the profits of the cool royal jelly and the profits of the ginseng. Alone come in shape of capsules or tablets. His main profit is the skill of toning the organs of the body.

Properties of the cool royal jelly with ginseng:

The royal jelly and ginseng promotes the fast restoration of the strength and the energy, increase him efficiency, deletes the syndrome of fatigue. The dream does deeper and pleasant, disappears the sleeplessness, which thing helps to rest the mind and the muscles at night.
One of the profits of the royal jelly with gingseng Korean is the protection to the body of external influences, increase of the resistance and strengthening of the immunological system. Improve the metabolism thanks to that the body does more resistant to natural factors how the cold, the wind and the humidity. Also it is recommended to take the product during the climatic changes.
Several studies ascertain that the royal jelly with ginseng Korean protects to the organism of the effects of chemical products and radiation. The royal jelly diminishes the risk of development of tumors, the inflammation and the cancer. It is recommended to take it after having received radiation or suffered poisonings, or when there is risk of oncogénesis (process of formation and development of a tumor).