With the summer arrival, it is a sandals time and to take the feet outdoors. Nevertheless, something that can seem simple beforehand, can give us more than one headache. In summer, our feet need of a special care.

On having spent of a closed footwear, where the foot scarcely perspires, to an open footwear, where the foot is more exposed to the climatic conditions (heat, solar radiation, moisture), the feet, they can go so far as to suffer small injuries that, if they don’t talk each other on time, can go so far as to provoke serious inconveniences.
Between the most habitual problems that suffer the feet with the arrivals of the high temperatures and the change of footwear, they are:
• Scratches and blisters for friction with the new footwear and for exhibition to high temperatures.
• Excess of sudoración due to the increase of the corporal heat
• Dryness of the skin for exhibition to the typical warm air of this season.
• Cutaneous infections for fungi, since it is the papilloma to plant or the athlete’s foot, due to this state of tall sudoración in the feet.

These small problems, if they don’t talk each other on time, can go so far as to provoke wounds that can become infected and do that, what in the beginning can look like something banal, turns into a serious problem.

That’s why it is important that we are preparing our feet for this change of the state. These are some preventive measurements:

• To choose a comfortable, soft footwear and that facilitates the transpiration of the skin. It is important that the change of footwear is gradual and not of blow. This way he will have time for our feet to which they are getting accustomed to this footwear.
• In the night, to bathe the feet with moderate water, drying well especially in the interdigital area, to apply later a moisturizer and repairer.
• In case of scratches, to cover them with a dressing to avoid more rubs and the infection risk. It is important to wash and to dry well the wounds. In case of infection it is possible to apply an antibiotic and healing cream.
• In case they appear you blister it is very important not to puncture them with a needle, due to the infection risk. A few dressings exist especially designed to absorb this liquid and to favor this way a prompt healing.
• To avoid the sudoración excess, a few antiperspirant dust can be applied or in spray, in the night after the wash of the feet, and also in the footwear.
• The Athlete’s Foot, a typical problem in summer, is an infection for fungi due to an extreme sudoración and moisture concentrated on the feet. It talks each other with antimicóticos and usually recovers with steadfastness in the treatment.

To enjoy of a summer a few scandal feet!