The first thing of everything is to do a healthy diet that is changed and balanced, because …

If you eat well today, he will be grateful to you for your body tomorrow!


Before explaining to you the benefits that contribute the ice creams simply to say to you that Few things there are so appetizing ones in summer like savouring a good ice cream. Also, nowadays the whole world can take them, since thanks to the diverse skills of making and his nourishing composition, the ice creams can adapt themselves to all the tastes and, even, to the special needs for health.

Of course, always watching the quantity that we eat since if for example we are doing some diet or we have the high cholesterol can’t pass with the quantities. Fortunately there are already a lot of ice creams varieties:

  • Without lactose
  •  Without sugar
  •  Of soya
  •  Low in calories
  •  With fruits, etc.


Also different presentations:


  • Milk ice creams
  •  Cream ice creams
  •  Yogurt ice creams
  •  Fruit ice creams
  •  Sherbets or water ice creams


What are the benefits of the ice creams?


  •  They bring us calcium (since they are done by means of milk or yogurt).
  •  He contributes that the vitamin D that comes from the sun favors the bony health.
  •  Nourishing and energy.
  •  Vitamins: To, B-12, C, D, E, acid fólico…
  •  Minerals: Phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium.
  •  The more handmade be the less greasy in the composition.
  •  They refresh and hydrate.
  •  Ideal in the snack for the hydration of elderly or children.
  •  Ideal for persons with little appetite.
  •  It helps to the absence of salivation especially those of ice since they help to hydrate the mouth and the airways.
  •  They facilitate the digestion.
  •  They adapt themselves to the special needs for health (large number of selection due to so many types of makings on market).
  •  It improves the frame of mind.

Do we know what contains an ice cream?

  •  Milk or derivatives
  •  Sugar or glucose
  •  Water
  •  Fats
  • Additives (colourings, estabilizantes, aromas)
  •  Decorations (chocolate, cookies, dry fruits …)


farmacia yanguela helados


What nutritional contribution will it have?

It will always depend on the type of ice cream and his components, we must check the labeling and prevent those from containing fats hidrogenadas or trans. As also to try to avoid the glasses of ice cream adorned with cream and siropes since they will contribute more calories.

We wait for your photos enjoying the ice creams in the ice-cream parlor, at home quite fresh with the air conditioning or doing them at home under the hashtag #farmaciayanguela

Ice cream of natural yogurt

Since you have seen the ice cream it has large number of benefits and so that you could enjoy it as it is deserved we leave to you a rich recipe of the hand of Eva Arguiñano and cheer you up to investigate more recipes to do ice creams and hailed.

Ice cream of natural yogurt

Ingredients for 6 persons:

– 200 ml of cream

– 4 natural Yogures

– 4 condensed milk Spoonfuls


– Put the cream in a bowl and mount it with an electrical mixer of rods.

– Put the yogures in a bowl and beat them. He adds the milk

condensed and it mixes well.

– It incorporates this miscellany into the cream and mixes with soft and surrounding movements.

– It spills everything in a mold of crystal, lid with plastic role (it is important that the plastic is in contact with the cream) and introduces in the freezer until it hardens (2-3horas).


We wait for your photos enjoying the ice creams in the ice-cream parlor, at home quite fresh with the air conditioning or doing them at home under the hashtag #farmaciayanguela