The summer has already ended and with it these beach days, the sun, chats in the patios of the bars … we will have to be content with that it still stays a bit so that the cold of the autumn / winter comes and for it now it has to take care of the skin after the solar summer damage and to prepare it facing the cold.
In summer we usually neglect a little the skin and with it also the routines of the daily care, be already because we aren’t at home, for the same relaxation of the holidays, for lack of time …
So now it has to be informed already and return to this care to show a firm and beautiful skin.
How to take care of the skin after the summer?
After the solar exhibition of the whole summer now of course you will notice the most very dry and dull skin so you will need a little more of hygiene and hydration to recover his beauty and to prepare the appearance of spots and wrinkles.
Steps to be continued:
1 – To exfoliate the skin
Like that it is as we will manage to return the health of the skin since we will manage to eliminate dead cells and impurities and this way to make her ready to receive any treatment for his finished repair.
Exfoliating the skin we will manage to improve the refinement of the pore and the sheen. Also to repair the damage that has been able
to cause the sun as the spots and to stimulate the collagen production to avoid the wrinkles appearance. He asks your pharmacist or in your center of beauty that type of exfoliant to use for your skin.
2 – To repair with masks
After the exfoliation we need to nourish and repair the skin. To apply a mask to him isn’t alone a moment of anything as when you give yourself a cream in the morning, but it must be a little bit that we have freely or for example during the night while we watch TV peacefully since it will be necessary to allow her to operate approximately 20 minutes and covering the whole face.
You must use those who contain components regenerantes and tranquilizing.
3 – Day and night hydration
The skin has to be hydrated so that it is perfect.
The hydration is very important also in the night why if we do a good day and night treatment we will obtain an entire regeneration of the skin.
4 – Healthy and balanced diet
As I always say … “We are what we eat” so a good feeding will always make us stay healthy and radiant.
To part of the creams to maintain a perfect hydration of the skin it is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, to drink abundant water, fruits (since they are rich in water and vitamins), proteins and to include in the diet food or supplements with vitamin E since it is a big antirust one.
5 – To use cosmetic quality products
Just as it is necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet it is necessary to use quality products since all these substances of the products go to our skin and our organism.
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